Friday, 6 July 2012

Celeb Of The Month

We present to you, our favorite star of the month...
Zendaya Coleman. "Hiya, heya, oi, aloha, hola, Nǐ Hǎo, bonjour" Also known as Rocky blue on the hit Disney show- shake it up.This inspirational teen was born on September 1st of the year 1996. Being fifteen, Zendaya shows a very mature attitude towards everyone. She loves putting on make up just like you and me:


Zendaya Coleman is super stylish, so it’s no surprise to us that she used to love to play dress up when she was little!

THis beautiful angel has not only met JUSTIN BIEBER.... she has met Mindless behavior, Selena gomez and other amazing celebs. Zendaya is an actor on only the most incredible show on TV.... Shake it up.  

We love the dancing on shake it up and cant wait for the movie.

But no girl can survive without her bffffffffffff.
We love how these two amazing people bond and share so much in common. Although we are jealous that Bella gets to hang with Zendaya, they make a cute friendship. We love how we can watch there friendship grow and where it takes them.

Zendaya currently lives in Los Angeles with her family and dog, a Giant Schnauzer named Midnight. Her interests include singing, dancing and designing clothes. Zendaya hopes that just as theater led her to television, Shake It Up will someday lead her to opportunities in the music industry. In October 2010, Zendaya told Variety, "I love singing and would love to record an album at some point."
 Even though she loves acting, she also likes spending time on the mic. Zendaya released her first song- swag it out last year and it was fab.

If you thought that was it, she then released an awesome song encouraging us to dig down deeper. 

She has also starred in the new season of ant farm, was a voice in the pixie hollow games. And featured in this brilliant movie- FRENEMIES. 
And lastly, because she is just unbelievably cool, she won a young artist award. Now that is cool.
so if you love her and think this blog just mad you love her even more, check out her website:
follow her on twitter:
or, like us, send her some fanmail:

Zendaya Coleman c/o The Disney Channel
3800 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505
At the latest, we are starting a collection of celebrity mail. so far we have Debby Ryans autographed picture and now we are going to send one to Zendaya Coleman. Pls do the same and see how many you can get.
thanx for reading...

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  1. i love zendaya and shake it up cant wait for her tour i am so getting front row tickets. the latest rocks and pls do something on bella thorn too thanx


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