Wednesday, 18 July 2012

O.O.T.D ( outfit of the day )

Hey guys it's us and today we decided to show you an outfit of the day  Plus, some cool videos to enjoy. YAY ! We decided to base it on summer because it's coming around so quickly.So let's get started :

So these are the famous American style shorts which are so hot right now.From New Look .Everyone in America loves them...Do you know why? Of course because of the flag.This is an essential to have in your wardrobe as it can be paired up with anything.

so heres how to  style those hot shorts .

WE <3 the mickey top !!

This t-shirt would pair up nicely with the shorts:don't you think ?. This one is from Topshop in the UK but you can look for them in shops like Forever 21 , American apparel and Nordstrom. It is so cute and is a perfect present  for people who love cats (like our beauty editor) .

Now if you want to look fierce or going for the edgey look, your first stop should be near this shoe..We will guarantee people will be coming up to you and asking , Where did you get them from ? or how did you hear about them?( hint*the latest official blog*). They shoes do two things we love, they stand out and rock the road totally .Plus their quality is amazing .You can get them from shops like JD Sports or any clothes and shoes stores  or if they might be a bit expensive, why not try to make some yourself like Bethany has done here :

Oh ! And don't forget you don't have to do sneakers why not try ballets or trainers.

These bracelets are awesome because  they match with everything. It's like magic !!They can be cheaply bought from shops  like: Claire's , Primark , Top shop and the list just goes on...

Here at the latest we are absolutely obsessed with D.I.Y's. But check this vid out and you could become a *jewellery making professional* 

So it's bye from us ...

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