Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Beauty and fashion gurus !!

Our favorite beauty and fashion gurus.They are the people who mostly inspire us to spend most of our time on you tube. So let's begin the list of those *oh so amazing* people.

This is JuicyStar07 also known as Blair .She is one of the most famous beauty gurus on you tube with over 200,000,000 views on her videos.Right now she is 18 years old .So here is a video of her showing you what essentials to take to school.

This is AllThatGlitters21, also know as Elle .She is indeed Blairs sister who we talked about above. They both have a passion for fashion and beauty.This lady is 24 years old and we hope she has  an amazing life. Elle has more than 22,000,000 views.

So this teen is MacBarbie07 and she is really great for doing beauty and fashion tips.She has over 93.000.000 video views . We love watching her videos especially this one about a whole complete outfit to wear on valentines day. <3

This is Megan ( dark hair ) and Liz ( blonde hair ) who love to sing and dance. They also released some awesome singles but they also know their way around a makeup pallet.Their  TWINS but Megan was born one minute earlier than Liz which made her a minute older !! In this video above, they show you some cool make-up they LOVE <3

This is Tealaxx2 also known as Teala Dunn.Some of you might recognize her as she went on shake it up ( Jealous !! )She loves to sing,make random videos and talk about her fashion.She is in love with her O.O.T.D (outfit of the day ) because there is so much on her channel.Here is one of our favorite.Go Teala .WOO !

Last of all, we have MissGlamorazzi also known as Ingrid. She likes to film you tube videos and in this one she is with her friend. She is 23 years old and has a boyfriend named Luke who also has a channel.Oh and not forgetting we love her cute kitty.

So those are our favorite beauty and fashion gurus hope you enjoyed it and bye !!!

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