Saturday, 26 April 2014

Honestly Just Try Modesty!!!!!

Welcome one and all to the most exciting blog you have ever landed upon. How has life been since we last posted? Hope you are feeling just as crazily beautiful as us in our new MODEST wardrobe. You are probably wondering:

What is Modesty?
 It is behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid inappropriateness or indecency.

What does that have to do with how i dress?
Well take a look at these pictures:

Here at the Latest we strongly disagree with over exposure of our bodies. We feel like you as our readers are owed an explanation why. Hopefully by looking at some of these pictures, you sort of get where we are coming from. They reveal too much skin and some of them include clothing that clings to your every part. Am sure no one wants to be the girl that walks into school and the boys open their mouths in awe, but their true friends run a mile from them. We all need our friends to catch us when we fall. And here at the Latest we strongly believe that we all deserve to be told when we are in the wrong.

So what do you think of when we say Modesty?
Do you think of:

 We all have different views of Modesty. But lucky for you, here at the Latest, we are all about looking simple, effortless and classy. We are gonna show you just how awesome Modest Fashion can really be.

Modest tips:
 tip number 1
The belt that holds it all in place:

  Tip number 2
 Denim vests make everything look super cute!!


 tip number 3
The long maxi skirt is your bestie when it comes to Modesty:

  These days Modesty is everywhere. Its like a new trend that is eating away at all of us. Check out our favorite You-tubers that have embraced Modesty:

You can still look stylish and awesome whilst being modest. However, we thought you should know that the pictures below are not our idea of modesty.

Modesty No NO's!!!!

SO what have we learnt from this new discovery. Well, you don't have to wear clothes that fit every single dip and curve of your body. If you like shorts, make them loose shorts. And don't hesitate to tell all your friends to start this new trend. We would love to see you all rocking that Modest look on the streets.


  1. Loved the fashion it was swag.

  2. Loved it and I see were you can from but I love the short and long dress I think that's what its called

  3. How did you make this ?? Its so cool ����

    1. Thank you soo much i have had this blog for a good 3 years. Don't just stop on this post check out all the other ones too you will love it


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