Saturday, 4 May 2013

Welcome to May!!!

long time no see pips. Get ready for an incredible May. This May we are going to strive to get as many of you awesome people subscribed and commenting on our blog. We know you love us but some of you might be a bit shy so this month, we are going to give you a boost of confidence. We love hearing from you and making our blog better so don't be scared .
Here's just a few ways to connect with us.
 Subscribe to our awesome posts and you will never miss out on the goss!

 At the end of every post, you have this bar. It looks nice and inviting because it is giving you options to tell all your fab friends all about our blog. If they wanna know where you get your swag from just tell them.

 Something that is way better than subscribing, is becoming a member of our site. If you have a Google account, don't hesitate to join this site. Everytime we post something new, it will come up on your wall on Google plus. Its awesome so you never miss a post.

 If you have an email and you know you want to be kept up to date on our posts, then this is the button for you. Subscribe and you wont miss out on our future competitions.

 This button is at the end of every post. All it asks is for you to press the AWESOME/LOVED IT/INTERESTING buttons. This lets us know what you guys want so we can give you more of it.

Feel free to tell us what you think of our blog and keep tuning in because some competitions are coming up.

How do you post a comment:
Press post a comment and write it in that huge box.

 Click select profile; then choose which one applies to you; then press publish.

Then you have to prove your not a robot. Then press publish and your done. Your comment wont be up as soon as you press publish. This is because we have to make sure its okay to put up on the blog.

That's it, we wait to here from you, and as always,

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