Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's Time You Went NATURAL!!!!!

Hiya pips of the 21st century!!!  Whats poppin and lockin and jinglin? We hope this week has been full of amazing surprises for you and hopefully, this post is another surprise too. Today we are going to try and inspire your hair so that it can convince you to go back to your natural roots. So we all know that God created us all with:
No Weaves, or extensions or wigs

 You might have been led to believe that your natural hair doesn't look good or that its too short to look good, but ladies, you have to embrace it. Just because your hair isn't long doesn't mean your not pretty. (disclaimer: everyone is different so you don't have to agree with everything in this post).
Most people we know here at the latest relax their hair in the hopes of having long flowing hair.

 Relaxing your hair might help detangle it and keep it neat, but it also damages your hair from all the chemicals. So whilst your having long flowing hair, your scalp is left with wounds and the roots of hair begin to break. Every time you comb out, your brush is like a forest: full of your hair falling out. Eventually your left with short hair and patches on your scalp. So how do you stop this from happening? 
It's called Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.
1) The big Chop:
This is where you cut all your hair off to start from scratch. It's easier and you won't need to chop off every once in a while.    

2) If your worried about cutting all your off and starting from scratch, its ok. You can also leave your relaxed hair and wait for your natural hair to start growing. And when it reaches the height you feel comfortable wearing, then you can cut the relaxed ends off and embrace your fro.
 3) Learn the tips and tricks of looking after your hair:
4) Be extremely PATIENT!!!
Everyones hair grows differently and at a different rate. So don't base your growth on someone elese's.
Check out Solange Knowles hair journey below to keep you inspired:

 5) Now to help your hair grow out when its still short, you can do transitioning hair styles such as:

Lastly, this new hair journey that your choosing to begin isn't only to change how you look, but also how you see yourself. Let this journey show you experiences you never thought you would have and inspire your friends to become natural too. Don't be afraid to try products on your hair until you find the ones that suit you. Remember to:
1) Moisturise
2) Deep Condition
3) trim
4) protect your hair using a transitioning hairstyle
5) be extremely patient.  

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The junk journal:


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You have to check the Mindless Behavior Website. It's awesome and don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter. You never know when they are in your town, right?
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 Well pips that's all from us. But before we leave you,
 To all your beautiful friends and family.

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