Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hello there APRIL!!!!!

Omg!!! Its finally April, but before we embrace you with this awesome post, check this video out:
 So we are kinda late but HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY. That was you tube's way of pranking us all. Omg. Here at the latest we actually believed them. Anyway, This April is full of surprises believe us. Instead of telling you what this month has in store for you here on our blog, we are gonna leave you suspicious and just do  normal post.

YouTube Tags We Love

SO, here at the latest we absolutely couldn't live without YouTube. And since we spend every waking moment on it, we are going to show you our fave tags on it.
1) The Sibling Tag:
We love this tag. It is basically a YouTuber with their siblings asking each other questions to know how much they know each other. Here are some on our fave vids:


2) The Boyfriend Tag
Like the sibling tag, this is just a couple answering questions about themselves to know how much they know each other. Its very cute and we just spend the whole video saying "awwwwww"
 3) The Boyfriend does my make up Tag
Omg, this is the funniest tag ever. No joke. It is extremely funny how some boys do a great job and others don't. Check out some vids right here:
4) The Accent tag
So many people have different accents and this makes them so different we love it. SO check out our faves below:
 5) we can't forget the Whats on my iPhone tag
we adore this tag because we can use some of their ideas and put them on our iPhone.
 6) The whats in my bag Tag
This tag is just as awesome as the one above so check it out:
7) 10 Little secrets tag!!
We enjoy watching people do this tag because you gotta love secrets...
8) This or That tag
This tag does a great job at grouping the person's likes into two categories and we love it:
9) The best friend tag
Its pretty simple, meet the YouTubers best friend. Its so fun to know when they met and the funny memories they had.

  10) Lastly, Beauty Things i suck at Tag
With so many amazing beauty guru's out there, it makes you wonder if they really ever mess up. Well this tag shows you just what they suck at:
     Well we have sadly come to the end of this post but...

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