Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What's in my beach bag.

Hey guys so as the summer holidays have started, I know lot's of you might be going to the beach. Everyone loves the beach because it's calm , relaxing and peaceful.So that's why we have done a list of what our beauty editor takes when going to the beach.

The most important accessory has to be the beach bag. like the one above, it has to be colorful,with a beach theme and very pretty.
And the list below is of the things we recommend you take to your fab beach hangout.

- a magazine
- antibacterial spray
-  a brush
- some water
- sunglasses
- sun-cream .It's a MUST.
- a compact mirror.
-  deodorant
-  lip balm
-  face cream
- a book to read( romantic ofcorse)
-  ipod + headphones
- a towel 
- a swim suit
- flip-flops
- a sunhat to protect your face and hair
- chewing gum
- waterproof mascara

So we know that might be a lot to take but trust us it's not so heavy. We hope you enjoyed it and see you later !!!!!!!!!

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