Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mothers Day Cards!!!!

Welcome guys, to yet another post that is gonna hopefully inspire you to make someones day. Now we all know this Sunday is mothers day. And boy are we hipped. In this post, we aren't gonna show you what cool, awesome gifts you can get or even make for your mom. Oh no!!! We are gonna show you how to express your love in words. Prepare yourself to write a card that will leave your mum smiling with glee or tearing up. With these easy steps, you should be a pro in no time.

What you will need:

What you will achieve:
.An awesome poem or letter to thank the one who cares about you more than anyone.
Lets begin!!!!

A good way to start a letter is by saying halo:

Dear mum...
Hello my Lovely Mummy...
To the one i cant live without...
Hi Mum!!
Bonjour Mum...
To the worlds greatest Mum...

After your salutations, you have your opening line:

Wishing you an amazing mothers day ever with...

With a mum so loving and caring as you...

 I just want to say...

 Then you need to include the body of your letter. 

You are the best mom in the world because...
Without you, i wouldn't have someone to...
My joy every morning and night is boosted by your smile.
I used to think mums were made of only sweet things, but when i looked closer at you, i saw glorious things too.

And lastly you need to end the letter:
  So thank you for being the shoulder i cry on.
Pls dont stop smiling, because your smile makes me and those around you happy.
When i think of what my heaven is like, you fill every corner.
Love you to bits of chocolate cake
Before i go, i need to say something to you: ~I love you mom~

Awww!!! Hopefully this post has helped you heaps. Before we go, heres a quick tutorial to help you make a card to put those special words in.

 Before we go, as always, we have to tell you the most fab things we have loved this week.

 This week we have been reading Battlefield of the mind for teens by Joyce Meyer. We absolutely love how this book describes situations that this generation gets caught up in and then tells you how you can avoid them and get out of them. It even has daily quotes from the bible so its like your doing a bible reading everyday. We recommend you either buy this glorious book or request it here:

 As you can see, this week we have been loving quotes about prayer. They are so inspirational and help you see things differently.
 We can't believe you haven't noticed this...

 Okay so he has been in the press all week but still, we love you Justin Bieber

 Okay so whenever we want inspirational songs, we always listen to Britt Nicole. This week we have been loving her hit single: GOLD!!!

 We have also just discovered the cup song. Forgive us for being so late and if you haven't checked it out, here it is..
We even managed to squeeze in a tutorial at the end for you to learn the skills. Enjoy.


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