Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Makeup Starter Kit For Begginers!!!!!

Hold up, beauty queens cos we have got the most exciting post for you. Get ready to get from glam to GLAMOROUS!!! If you've already guessed, this post is all about makeup. Honeys, we are gonna teach you the basics so the next time you have to dress to impress, you will leave mouths hanging. (literally)

First off you need to here from those who know what they are talking about.
Now from those awesome vids, these gorgeous girls have obviously taught you a thing or  two. So we are going to elaborate on their findings. Sit back pips and learn the makeup lingo.

For beginners, The Latest Official Makeup Starter kit. 
Mascara is a must

  Eyeliner is definitely the way to go

An Eye shadow Pallet to make your eyes stand out

With blush, you can always look like a cute, shy and gorge Flirt.

Lip balm, Lip tints and Lipstick. Whatever you wanna call it, make sure you use it to lure that guy straight for those lips.

~Okay so now that you have your beginners kit, you have to have a place to keep it in. So heres a few storage ideas you could use.

Now we all love makeup brushes and we all go ballistic over it, so here at the latest we have come up with the top 3 brushes you need as a beginner. If your lucky, some makeup sets already come with these so less money spent. But if you want your own, heres a few suggestions.
An eyebrow slash eyelash brush

This is the brush you need to apply your blush

an eyeshadow brush

 So that concludes out beginners kit. Once you conker this kit, go beyond it and try some other products like foundation or concealer. But for now, we recommend you start small before you go BIG!!
Let us know in the comments below how your getting on. If  you want to learn how to apply makeup, you tube is your place. Heres a few beauty gurus that rock!!!
 So have fun and CHAO!!!!

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