Friday, 1 March 2013

Our Top 5 Christian Pop Hits That We Love!!!!!!

Halo awesome people who have bookmarked this blog and click it everyday for uupdates. Okay so today we are counting down our fave Christian pop and Rap music that we cant get enough of. Sit back and enjoy God's presence through these awesome songs.

 5) Lecrae rocks our number five spot with

                            Tell the world
 4) Trip Lee is so amazing and we recommend you listen to him full-stop! Here's his awesome Hit

3) Britt Nicole is an inspiration to all Youth. Her music just speaks to you. Check out two of her songs that stole the two spots on our countdown.

                           When she cries

2) Britt Nicole with

                           The lost get found
And at number ONE, we are proud to say, Kari Jobe took this spot cos she makes us see God's love in all her songs. Check out

                           Find You on my knees
 Well ladies and Gents, i hope you liked this post. Our aim was to make you see music in a different light and we hope it worked. Tell us in the comments bellow if it did. Lastly, we love this blog at the moment pls check it out:

It has pics like:

So if you love being a girl and wonder what kinda things are typical of being a girl, check the site out.

Before we head off, today is the great Biebs Birthday guys so... Go Watch atleast one of his awesome songs. Or You can be like us and buy his new album Believe the acoustic version and listen to it nonstop.

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