Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fashion Trends we Love!!!!

OMG guys!! So good to see you again, or is it write to you??.... Any who  we have got everything from Justin Bieber and Selena to Living a life with God.  So all you have to do is relax and read on!!!!

But first, it is our Job to let you in on all those amazing fashion trends that your life needs to be that extra bit Glamorous!!So i know we told you about dip dyed hairstyles, we were so in love with them that we have brought dip dyed jackets, pants, dresses and nails back in style. How awesome are we?

Dip Dyed Nails To Die For!!!

 Dip Dyed Clothes that Rock!!!!

So we all know how awesome Spikes and Studs are. Last time they appeared on our blog, it was all about working them on Fabric. Well prepare yourself because we are FINALLY doing a post on High Heeled Spikes.

Dangerous but glamorous...These heels look so fiery, i think pretty punks out there really need to check this out! But all you girly girls, don't worry shoes like these... are what you need to add extra dextra glam to your outfit. 


However,don't go too over the top like these funky shoes because they can be a real eyesore...WAY TOO MUCH. But hey, come on Girls just wanna have fun....Right?

SO if you love beauty and Fashion like us, don't just read about it. Watch plenty of you-tube videos like the ones below:
We Love love love Macbarbie07 to bits of cake.
Check out some of her vids right here. 

Isn't she fun. awww!!! Sadly its the end. But we would love to see what crazy dip dye ideas you can come up with. So comment. Or email us your pic here: thelatestofficial@hotmail.com You could be featured in our Viewers we love event.


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