Saturday, 8 September 2012

What is WATTPAD?

Welcome to one of the most important posts on this blog that you will ever read. We know some of you might be wondering or have never even known what WATTPAD is. So that is why we're here.

What is wattpad?
This is the perfect app for all you brilliant people who love reading so much. We don't mean you just love reading, we mean you love it so much that you sometimes stay up until 12am reading a book. Here at the latest we can't resist a good book. And that's why we can't hide this awesome app from you anymore. 

Wattpad is a reading site where you can read all types of genres of books. Reading is very important in life and the best reading is done when you choose the type of books you like. When you read something you like, you grow so into the genre and this is how a reader is born. Readers as well as writers are like super hero's. They are constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to improve the story and coming up with very imaginative endings. The reason we love, love, love wattpad, is because readers and writers can all get together on this amazing site. You can write a book for others to read or you can read one yourself. 

Here's the list of genres that should intrigue you:

Romance <3

 Science fiction                          








Historical fiction

Teen fiction

Fan fiction


Short story

Non-teen fiction                           



Werewolf(our fave) 




Watty awards 2012( these are books that are doing so well that they are receiving a lot of attention) 


So from all of those amazing headings, am pretty sure you can find one that you like or even seven. This site is a good way for you to get lost in a book once in your life. 

So how do you get the app?
Well, you can download it on your phone, ipad, iPod and any other device that can have apps. You can get the app from Google play or from Some phones can only download the java version. so watch out when your downloading it. 

 So that's basically it. After you have got the app, your free to read loads of books and hopefully write your own. If you have written a book and want to recommend it to us, please do. 

Enjoy your time on wattpad and tell all your friends. That's bye from us and enjoy September.

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