Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hallo September...

Welcome to the beautiful month that we call September. So much is going to happen here on the latest in this month. So please stick around to check out cool stuff happening this September.

So you might be wondering what we have in store for you. Well heres a sneak preview of what to look out for on our awesome blog.

Celeb of the month: Nicki Minaj.

 Our top 5 hits: Which of the following will make it to our top 5:

Read all about it pt111

As long as you love me


How we do

Pound the alarm

Simply amazing


Under the sun

Good time

We are never ever getting back together
Our blog special: Surviving High school

Our top 5 movies: Which of the following will make it to our top 5?

The twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2

But don't miss out on other cool topics that we will be discussing. We don't want to give away too much because we want to surprise you. So Be Ready.

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