Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our Top 10 fave T.V shows

Television is one thing we here at the latest can't resist. But because there are over 1000 shows out there, we have to narrow it down to just 10. But don't worry, these ten, have been chosen because we love them so much and want you to enjoy them too. Just remember to check if it's age appropriate.

 At number 10...
Friday Download for all audiences

This show rocks because not only does it Interview the hottest celebs, it has a live audience so you can watch the celebs perform and some cool dance tricks from one of our fave presenters.

 At number 9...
Switched at birth for 13 and over

This is one of the coolest teen shows we here at the latest have ever watched. It features American sign language and has an incredible story behind it. You have to check it out.

 At number 8...
Horrible histories for 7 and over

If you know you find history hard, then surfer no more. Because history has been made easy by this cool British show. It is incredibly hilarious and makes sure it entertains you with the catchy songs.

At number 7...
The Lying Game for 13 and over
Nothing is more mysterious than meeting your identical twin sister. People if you haven't watched this show then your missing out on a lot. There is a lot of betrayal between the two sisters but if we must pick, Emma is our fave.
At number 6...
Shake it up for 7 and above
 We are so jealous that we don't get to be on shake it up Chicago. This show is brill since it introduced us to two of the hottest teens around. We love the dancing, singing and indescribable fashion. Oh, and we love Gunta and Tinka.
At number 5..
The Voice for all audiences
Americans have made this show to die for. You cannot survive without at least watching one episode. We love talent shows because they give people a chance to show how incredibly awesome they can be. Oh, and one more thing, Christina Arguilera is a judge so that's definitely going on our watch list.

At number 4...
So random for all audiences
Get ready to laugh and cry at the same time. this show is funnny. We love it. Our fave characters include the zombie dude, the coolest guy in school, and we love the special celebs who are on every show.

At number 3...
Pretty Little Liars for 13 and over

If  this show was happening in real life as we speak, then we here at the latest would have front row seats. Imagine your dead best friend sending you texts. Very mysterious and awesome. Check it out.

At number 2...
Teen Wolf for 12 and over

No one can deny how amazing and incredibly addicting this show can be. Do not hesitate to watch this please do. Not only does it have the hot Werewolves but it also has a good love story behind it. Styles is our fave character find out why.

And lastly, Our number one most fave show has to be...
Recommended for 12 and over
This show is number one simply because it makes sure we have dance, acting and singing. We love this trio and can't wait to here more from the cast. 

Enjoy these amazing shows but don't forget to spread the message.

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