Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Top 5 hits

It's that time of  the month where you music fans start to wonder what our top 5 hits are? well, wonder no more cos we are ready to give you the best hits to listen to.

At number 5, we have a late entry that we just love, love, love to listen to. Check out Party by Beyonce...

 Now, we are never ever ever getting bored of this song. At number 4 it's the amazing Taylor Swift with we are never getting back together.

SO to spice it up a little,  at number 3, we went on the hunt for a good dance video to this cool, fun hit from Ne-yo- let me love you.

O.M.G We never thought that the Gorgeous Trey Songz could ever release a hit that would make us even more in love with him. But he proved us wrong with this very romantic song from Mr Songz himself being simply amazing. Here's a cover by Brian j and his awesome voice that convinced us that this song was right here at number 2.

SO now it's time for that awesome number one hit that EVERYONE is talking about. Here at the latest we are even dancing to this song every time we here it. Clap along to the beat as Little mix tell it to you how it is. Here's wings at number 1. enjoy..

Hope you loved the count down and feel free to comment on which one you would put as your number one. chaou

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