Sunday, 6 January 2013



OH MA GOSH!!! Boy are we excited to make this post. We are so over the moon with how great 2013 is proving to be. Put your hands up if ~ like us~  You feel this year has something special about it. Anyway, hold on to your seats because The Latest is becoming OFFICIAL. Yes, we are gonna need your help in deciding which logo to go with so here are the choices.



So be sure to leave a comment to tell us which one you love. Now to update you on a show we have only been aquainted with in 2013. Am pretty sure most of you love it to bits just like us so lets make it known to the world.

Awesomenestv: Has..

   Exclusive makeovers

Celeb ~Takeovers


This show is why youtube was invented. Have you been searching for a web show for the past year? Yes! well click the link below and watch awesomenesstv till you feel awesome. Then tell us in a comment if  you love, like or just plain think those people are geniuses. 

Now it's time we introduced you to the things that we loved this week. Enjoy.
 We cant stop listening to Rihanna's awesome song: we all want love. Check it out!!

So this isn't the first time we have discovered Tavi cos she is practically famous. But we think we haven't really told you about her blog. She is our inspiration and we hope you enjoy her blog as much as us. check out the link:

Now you have to admit, how cute was Haylor when they shared that new years kiss. check it out.

I can't believe you haven't noticed this:

It's the dip dyed hair trend. We love it so much we are gonna tell you how it's done.

So we figured they are probably half of you who spend your life on tumblr. True? If yes, well we have a  treat for you honey. We love love love: lolsotrue quotes. so check them out and it would be cool if you posted some on our blog in your comment. so check out our faves and the link to them.

Oh we are officially addicted to wattpad. Someone save us before its too late. Wait. It's already too late. Because we cant get enough of the werewolf stories. This week we were enchanted by the tale written by MoveMeAway. She plainly called it: i saved the alpha. Check it out below. We don't want to spoil it for ya.

All good thing must come to an end but

We love to hear from you all. Love y'all


  1. Thank you soo much to all our beautiful fans. Now to all the shy ones pls comment. W love you and want to here loads from you. Thank you xxx


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