Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!!

2012 has rocked in so many ways that we cant explain. We love how our blog has grown and changed just like how you have grown and changed. Nothing can ever compare to the cheesy disasters of 2012. We hated Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj having a row but then we all felt sorry for Poor Olly Murs falling off stage. From the gangnam style invasion to the endless studs that were on every cloth you bought. 2012 has been a great year. So to finish it, We wont do countdowns cos they are so 2012. instead, enjoy this random list of things we are saying goodbye to.

Christmas carols are gone... for now. here's our fave ones:
Couples that broke up and those that decided to get together:

Didn't think it would ever happen but it did

Bella thorn and Tristan Klier

rumoured to be dating

Broke up but then got back together

Zayn and Perrie
 Say goodbye to winter and say halo to summer.

 New years resolutions ideas:
Everyone we know always tries to loose wait every year. Or stop smoking. But instead of setting yourself goals that you know are gonna be too hard to crack, why not go for something you know you will achieve. 
A good way to make sure you achieve your goals is if you have a place where you record all your doing. ~So if you are trying to loose wait, record your weight before and after. 
If your a christian, its a good idea to set your self goals to at least read a verse in the bible every day.

Now what should we look forward to in the new year.
Endless episodes of awessomenesstv:

 Great movies to watch

Mindless Behaviour All around the world 


 If you know and love Bey then don't miss her latest documentary.

And lastly, The super bowl

So here we go. We are ready and set for the New year. hope you are. Enjoy!!!!

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