Sunday, 20 January 2013

Celeb Of The Month: Rihanna!!!

Bonjour! To those who live in the city of Love and hello to those who feel their lives are boring!! Well this post is about to spice your life up and hopefully make you smile today. Here at the latest we have always had a soft spot for RiRi, so imagine our shock when we were told she was the celeb of the month. ** scream***

In this post we are going to introduce to you a lady so fine that she makes us wish we were born in Barbados. Riri made her debut in 2005

 She wowed the crowd with her  awesome hit Pon De Replay. 
 We love how beautifully Riri managed to pull off the innocent look in that video.

In 2006 Riri released her second studio album called a girl like me.  
One of the songs that sky rocketed to the charts was Unfaithful.

Now Don't be shocked when we say, 2007 is the year the good girl we saw before went BAD!!!

Ever since we heard Umbrella here at The Latest, we have loved rain ever since. This awesome song was the highlight of 2007 if you ask us. Check it out:

2008 rocked the nation with Riri reloading Good Girl Gone Bad. 

Her song Take a bow, got a lot of credit so check it out:

Riri's fourth studio album was released in 2009 where she showed us a new glimpse at her future hits.

One song that shined on that album was rude boy. The song inspired so many dancers so check it out:

Apart from the awesome hair style that left our mouths open, Rihanna also released an album that we all know we loved. 

Only girl in the world won a Grammy award and was number one in over ten countries. Check it out right here:

And she didn't stop there, the surprises kept coming. Riri shocked us when she released a song with non other than Drake. Check out Whats my name:

Just like most of her albums, Rihanna released Talk that Talk in November(2011). We loved this album because it was fool of floor fillers and ear busters.

 We found love was a roof raiser and a global sensation that we all truly loved. Check it out:

 And lastly, 2012. 

The most exciting year of her career. She started the year with  two amazing collaborations and you would be sad if you don't check them out right here:

Other songs that made Rihanna shine so bright included:

So music might have been her strongest point, but she doesn't fail us in the fashion department either. check out this runway;

Well sadly that's the end of this awesome post. But before we go, run to your closest music store and check out Rihanna's new album: Unapologetic.

  Here's a song on the album we love. Stay

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