Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lets Go Site Seeing!!!!!

Wats up interesting but crazy people. We hope this week has treated you well. I mean, with all the elections and everyone FINALLY getting over gangnam style, you must feel you want a holiday. Well grab that cuddly toy, relax in your sofa and put on your cool shades: cos we are about to take you on an extreeeeeeemly exciting journey.

Now don't get tooooo excited, this journey is sure to end quickly. But in the mean time, Lets start with NEW YORK.

I think it's safe to say, that New york is indeed the city that never sleeps. New york city has a lot to offer and if we were to name all it's goodness, we would be here forever. So lets just name our favourite attractions.

So if  your a big movie fan like us, you will know that this place has been featured in nearly a thousand movies. But one movie that stands out the most has to be: New Years Eve. This movie just shows you a snap of how awesome the times square is on new years eve. One thing you should add on your 'things i should do in my life list' should be to whiteness the ball drop in times square.

Now, if you want an amazing view of ~New york during the day, then the place to be,  is The statue of Liberty.

Now it maybe hard to believe, but this image is of someone looking through the statue. It weights over 450 000 pounds and is 305 feet tall. Imagine that.

The statues original colour was copper but because the weather doesn't appreciate good art, it lost its shine. The rays on the statue represent the seven continents. Now doesn't that bring a sense of unity and pride.

Okay so we think it's time we travelled to a different continent that may possibly hold treasure the world hasn't discovered yet. Africa. Lets zoom in to North Africa and focus on Egypt. Now you  have all heard the stories before and you probably think they are boring. But isn't it exciting to discover so many wonderful things from our past?

Speaking of incredible things, check out how awesome the pyramids of Giza look. Even with one look, a story has already started to form in our brains. You start to wonder, how have they have managed to survive for sooooo long? What could still be inside them? So many questions and only one way to find out, get yourself to Egypt. Pick up a stone as your own treasure or take a picture of yourself next to them.

So lets move ourselves to another exciting country. Italy Baaaby!!!!

Italy has it all, the gorgeous shops, the amazing fashion and of course, the leaning tower of Pisa. But don't forget endless pasta and pizza that just seems to populate the restaurants. Italy is just fun to be in.

Well that's enough touring the world for today. If you know anymore cool site seeing venues, be free to comment below. Love you all.

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  1. Beautiful photos, wish could be in ny right now :D
    I'd love to invite you to visit my blog and stay if you want to. Kiss


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