Sunday, 11 November 2012

Our Top 5 Hits!!!!!

Wats up weird and wonderful people!!!!! Hope your enjoying November as much as we are. It's fabulous and exciting. But it has also been a little sad and scary. Well no matter your situation, we have one thing that is sure to cheer you up.

This month has been hard to choose those awesome hits from all around the world. Thankfully, we came to the conclusion of just 5.
Here's the countdown...

 At 5) We have an exclusive hit from Ghana that just cant stop us partying hard.

 At 4) We have the amazing but cheesy: Disco song from India.

 At 3) we cant resist but 'aw' at how romantic the video to this loved Nigerian sing is. Kedike.

At 2) We took off our hats to bow down at how awesome this hit was. Here it is all the way from Jamaica.


 Now, nothing can compare to these amazing dancers, singers and they all practically act like sisters. Give it up for our top number 1. All the way from south Korea...It's the WONDER GIRLS!!!!

 They are all so awesome and we love them all. Tell us which one of our Top 5 hits rocks your world in the comments below. 

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