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We Reccommend you read: WATTPAD special

What's up you gorgeous as always people? We would love to to know all your gossip but first things first. One reason we haven't uploaded in agggggggeeeeeessssss, is because, we have been reading nearly every book on wattpad so we can give our opinion. So lets get started cos we can't wait to dazzle you lovers of books. WARNING!! ALL THE BOOKS BELOW ARE WEREWOLF ONLY!!!!

1) A werewolf mate in the loup garou forest.
This book has am awesome start to it that gets you hooked instantly. 

 The author did an amazing job in always surprising the reader. We got so shocked when the main character could posses more than one animal. The author also made sure they made every detail in the story stand out. Like, when the painting the mom drew at the beginning came back in the story to be true. This made us think back to the beginning of the story so that you couldn't forget it. We recommend this book for 12 and over. Wattcode: 536657

2) Alpha bloodlines

 Brook mills is an ordinary 17 year old girl with an older abusive boyfriend. When her abusive boyfriend goes out of town for the weekend, she goes to a life changing party with her bff. This party changes the whole story and leads it in a whole new direction. We love how the author has used various characters in the story to explain some of the traditions shifters have, instead of just starting the story as if we already know whats going on. This story is very interesting and has a lot of emotive language in it. It has upsetting scenes but that's what makes the author very good at their job. We cried at several parts and am sure you will when you read it. This story, gives those in the same situation a chance to know that they aren't alone. We recommend this to 15 and over
Wattcode: 898726

 3) One mate and a rejection ( 2868784) wattcode

 Imagine that your head over heels in love with this awesome guy and your convinced he is your mate( werewolf term for soul mate)
But when it's time for him to find his mate, your NOT them. You completely over looked the giveaway signs and just expressed your love for each other. But now, you have to witness him be happy with his mate whilst your heart breaks everyday. Not only that, your mate turns out to be your packs enemy. How much does your life suck? That's Emerald's challenge and the author did an awesome job at keeping the suspense. It's a very dramatic story and we loved how tempted the 2 main characters were. PG 13

4) Not mate, mute. There's a difference ( 1482140) wattcode

 They're both future alphas, they're mates, but she doesn't believe in mates. Bluebell West is mute, she accepts that. She cannot accept Troy saying he's her mate, because she thinks hes using her for her pack. Which he is not true, not at all. Troy will do anything to win Bluebell's heart and make her believe that the love of mates is true, even if she isn't a werewolf. She may be future alpha of a legendary pack, but her mixed bloodline makes her only part werewolf, part human, and part/all dryad. Recommended to 12 and over

5) A servant for a mate( 4965565) wattcode.

 We absolutely loved the innocent feel of this romance. Being a servant is pretty hard if your a servant to your mate. "My name is Claudia and I'm a servant at the royal castle. I have a mate, but he won't ever find out that I'm his. He deserves a stronger mate and I'm a pathetic servant. He would never want me so it's best if I stay in the shadows and watch him. Not going up to him like my wolf wants to do. To run our hands down his body. But no that will never happen. I have promised myself that I wont punish him for being my mate." An absolute tear dropper. recommended to 12 and over

 Enjoy these worthy books and recommend them to your awesome 'mates'- if you have found yours. lol!!! Love you all.

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