Monday, 1 October 2012

Welcome to October

Welcome ~gorgeous people~ to another exciting month on our blog. Get ready to be amazed at the non stop cool posts we have prepared for you.

We have so many exciting posts in store for you: some of those included:

Our celeb of the month is non other than the gorgeous: Carly rae Jepsen.

Find out which one of these awesome hits will make it to our top 5.

Emeli Sande Wonder

Now we haven't had one of these in ages so we decided to change it a little. We are having a wattpad special. So we will put up some of the books we recommend you read. Don't miss out.

This month, we have set ourselves a goal to get better at our piano playing. What a good way  to share our talents with you, by teaching you the basics of reading music. If your interested, then stick around for this months special post: how to read music.

Now we obviously don't want to give everything away so keep checking on us, or subscribe to us on email to receive daily posts. 
 Get clues from these pics of what we are hiding from you this month.

Get all your amazing friends reading our blog too and we would love to here some feed back from you. So don't hesitate to comment cos we love, love, love others opinions. 
Enjoy October and have a blast!!!

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