Monday, 14 October 2013

We Recommend You Read!!!!

Hey guys, we are here to take you into a new world full of imagination and mystery. Do you fee like reading is a time waster or you cant be bothered with it? Well it's time you picked up a good book for once and read it till you reached the last page. And what better way to know which book to pick than by: checking out these epic books we have loved this summer.

1) The Fault in our Stars

We had heard many great reviews on this book from so many great you tubers and we just had to pick it up to read it for ourselves. It is a book about a girl named Hazel who suffers from terminal lung cancer and meets a cancer recover-er  Augustus, at a cancer support group. Hazel introduces her favorite book to Gus called an imperial affliction. This book is not real in real life but it is mentioned so much in the book that you can't resist but check it out on wiki pedia.

John Green's writing is so interesting because it personally speaks to the reader. The way he made the characters so real made us feel like we would love to meet people like Hazel and Gus. Hazel and Gus become more than friends in the book and it is just beautiful reading about how their relationship grows. Here at the Latest, we had never read a book that took us inside the head of a cancer patient. But reading The Fault in our stars answered many questions that we had. The book has many great quotes too. Check them out.

2) Gone by Micheal Grant

If you love adventure and a hint of sci-fi then this is your book. All kids and adults above the age of  15 have disappeared. There is a huge wall surrounding Perdido beach. Kids under fourteen are left to fend for themselves. And not only that, some of these kids have super powers. This book is a perfect example to scare people who waste time. Sam, the protagonist, is 14 going on fifteen in a few days. Every time someone turns 15, they disappear. Sam is the one all the kids are looking to for help. They expect him to save them all. But will he? This book is full of rivals and many challenges for the characters to face.  What if you were stuck in a village with only 14 and under kids? What would you do about the babies or preschoolers. How about if you were stuck in a car before your mum disappeared? So many questions that can only be answered if you read this epic book.

3)Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children.

Horror is our next pick. The cover may look creepy and indeed it is, but you haven't seen the pictures inside. Ransom Riggs is a great author. His book is about a boy called Jacob who has grown up hearing stories from his Grandfather about monsters and peculiar children. only these same stories about these monsters, that Jacob refused to believe at the time, kill his grandfather. Now Jacob has to visit the island where these stories happen to fulfill his Grandfather's last words. You won't believe the mischief he gets up to and the strange characters he encounters. When we say this book is creepy, we mean its creepy. Check out some of the pictures from the book.

4) Legend by Marie Lu
This is another exciting adventure book that just makes you grab onto your seat. Ladies and gentle this book has some awesome tips on becoming a criminal master mind. It is yet another dystopian book where the country is ruled by the Capital. Marie Lu does a great job at letting you choose which character you want to be because the chapters are all in a different characters perspective. Day is on the run because he is wanted by the Capital for many crimes. June works for the Capital and she is in search for the killer of her brother. The Capital doesn't know how Day looks like so imagine how funny it is for the reader, when June is on a mission in disguise, and she falls in love with Day. They don't know who each other is until June finally realises and goes against the laws of love. Will she turn Day in to the Capital or? Will Day accept his Fate? We Love June's Character the most in this book because she isn't the typical Capital girl you would expect her to be. 

Well book worms, that is all the book buzz we have time for. 

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